Carnival of Chaos


Pillars of flame shoot into the air, painting the dark sky in a riot of red, orange and yellow. Raucous laughter echoes off nearby buildings, causing the more withdrawn to close their shutters and lock them tight. A wide array of strange and exciting substances permeate the air, causing the already excited crowds to drive to new heights of insanity. Leery guards watch from behind their shields, looking over the crowds, waiting for an opportunity to stamp out the flame of rebellion. They will have to wait however, because tonight is the night that everyone has been waiting for... tonight is the night where blood will meet the flame, where insanity will meet the stimulant and where passion will meet the aphrodisiac… Tonight is the big show!

In the dancing shadows cast by the show, fresh blood runs in a dark stream across the stones of the street. They will not be attending the show tonight, another will be attending in their place. The question is, who?

This game will be a visceral murder mystery, where you will all take on the roles of guild members attending the famous carnival of flames! All of you have secrets... Could one of you be the killer? Only time will tell.


Magical Girl Blues


You are a magical girl ... that is a title, you might actually be a boy, a cat, a sentient potted plant that levitates ... use your imagination. You are attending a special school for gifted people, creatures and such. One day you will become a defender of Japan and your neighbourhood - you are not there yet.

Something goes bump in your town. Trouble is that all adult magical girls are off dealing with a Kaiju crisis somewhere at the coast, so you and your friends are all that there is.

This is a home-brew system using very simple rules learned in 5 minutes. Anything goes to some degree, but keep things civil and PG. There will be only a very rough outline for a story, you will build the world, hopefully - I feel kind of lazy.


Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon - DOUBLE FEATURE!!!

Sophie and Jenni

Two towns, both alike in dignity. In a small town somewhere, we set our scene. Two humans and their best friends meet their star crossed supernatural lovers. What happens next only you can say.

Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon, is every bad and good YA supernatural romance book condensed down into 3 hours of crazy fun. 8 people will enter, but no one knows what will come of it.

Chocolate instead of XP!

Player driven narrative!

Overly enthusiastic GMs!

Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight etc
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