Wellington Anniversary Weekend January 20th - 21st 2024

the Tribute


To preserve a fragile peace with its neighbour Crete, the city of Athens must pay a tribute. Every year, seven young Athenian men and women are torn from their families to be given as tribute to King Minos. None have every returned.

This year, your name has been called as tribute. Will you survive the horrors that await you?


LARP: Madame Macavity's Witchcraft Academy

Lee Patrick

Madame Macavity's Witchcraft Academy is the preeminent educational establishment for the discerning young witch or wizard. All students are instructed in the essential skills of witchcraft, as well as manners, deportment, and behaviour befitting a member of the upper classes. Safety standards are the highest of any boarding school in the country, magical or otherwise; accidents are almost unheard of, and both teachers and students may experiment with their magical abilities in safety and comfort.

So it's somewhat embarrassing, to say the least, that the entire staff and student body appear to have lost their memories.

It's up to the assorted teachers and students of Madame Macavity's to sort out who they are, what's going on, and what exactly they're going to do about it.


LARP: Fallout

Jen Hay

The Nuclear Option is dead. Time to deal with the fallout. The villain was killed by their nemesis, Legend, in a battle that will not soon be forgotten. You and your fellow villains have agreed to a ceasefire, so you can pay your respects to the greatest villain of all time. Tensions are high. Secrets abound. Villains don’t play well with others, and no one can be certain if the ceasefire will even be honoured.

Of course, there’s also the issue of the Villain that hasn’t shown up yet. The three new Villains, who no one has heard of, and the hero that has infiltrated the funeral.

Are you strong enough, wily enough, enough of a villain to make it through the night?

Well. You’ll find out soon enough. Won’t you?

Content Warnings: Mind control (and related loss of bodily autonomy), romance, hidden identities

Homebrew LARP

LARP: Curse of the Unicorn

Stephanie Pegg

All is not well in the tribe of Gro'ach the Mutilator. The band's traditional pastimes of fighting, feasting, swearing and more fighting have been interrupted by yesterday's visit by a flying unicorn. We hate unicorns! They're too pink! And shiny! And nice! We hate nice! Of course, the tribe ate her, and she tasted great, but just before she went in the pot she announced "I will live on - in you!" Now it's the morning after, and everyone has a helluva hangover and is feeling strange disconcerting bodily sensations. And did Klurg just throw up... sparkles?

Save Gro'ach's tribe in Curse of the Unicorn!


Kapcon Summer Slam III


Take the role of an amazing hero or a despicable villain in a fast-paced, winner-takes-all, pro wrestling competition.

This game is about getting to the action quickly and building your wrestler’s story through a mix of matches and backstage drama. Character creation is simple; wrestlers are built from basic elements which you can create yourself, or roll randomly using the Legend Machine.

In a single session (or Big Show), you’ll build your character’s acclaim as you compete in matches, form alliances with other wrestlers and grab the mic to call others out. You can cash in your acclaim to generate extra effort in a match, book special matches and claim titles to seize glory!

This game is about characters and stories. You need absolutely no knowledge of professional wrestling to play this game, just as much enthusiasm, creativity and energy as you can muster. Still not sure? Check this short explanation of why pro wrestling is an art form.

Across Kapcon weekend this game will be run several times to create a Big Series, which will culminate in an epic Battle Royale finale. You can play in one session, or play in as many as you enjoy - but anyone who plays in more than one session can upgrade their character between shows - or choose to bring an entirely new character to the table next time.

This game will be high-energy and (possibly) get a little loud when things get exciting. You'll need to be prepared to think on your feet, create a character at the table, describe outcomes and throw in suggestions for plot twists at short notice.

Is it true that Kapcon previously tried to ban this game for being too much fun packed into just one session? Check out the previous instalments and judge for yourself:
Summer Slam I
Summer Slam II

Soaring Lions


Mel Duncan

While the adults are away the teenagers will.... act responsibly, keep watch, listen to their elders and guard the little ones from the marauding ... well, everythings. It'll be fine.

Wildlings is a game about young adults going on an adventure in the service of their tribe. Are you Aggressive like the Boar, Observant like the Owl, or Graceful like the Deer, and how will your relationships with the other young folks impact your journey?

Uses a standard set of polyhedral dice each, sharing is awkward.

Vampires on a Train


You are an ancient and powerful Vampire of great renown and prestige. You are travelling to VampireCon, a gathering held every fifty years in the town of Tumblewold. You are taking the overnight train (to protect your delicate complexion), and have booked a first class ticket, as befits your wealth and status.

Unfortunately, instead of a feast of upper class mortals, this train car is occupied by several other vampires who had the same idea, every single one of whom are ingrates and vagabonds.


High School Princess

Jamie Sands

The game formally known as I Know, Right?

To celebrate this anniversary in Kapcon's life I am bringing back a very old game, the newly redesigned and far more awesome version of I Know, Right? aka. The mean girls game.

In this game, you all play members of a clique of girls in high school. There's a queen bee, her best friend, her minions and of course, the one who's on the lowest rung of the social ladder. Navigate complex social expectations, double talk and what friendship really means in this game.

Think Heathers, Mean Girls and Easy A where the violence isn't in the actual exchange of blows, it's in words, especially the ones spoken behind someone's back.

Theoretically, actual teenagers could play this, but I'd prefer to run for people who have left their teen years behind, due to the nature of the things which happen in this game.

homebrew, pbta inspo

Casablanca II: The Legend of Curly's Gold

Michael Foster

Everybody comes to Rick’s, they say. But the nobodies, they go to the Blue Parrot Cafe. When Captain Renault gives the order to ‘round up the usual suspects’ he’s probably referring to you. Of course, the ultimate goal of every foreigner in Casablanca is to get passage out, to Lisbon and on, America if you’re lucky. Unfortunately, passage costs money, which you haven’t got.
But now you’ve stumbled on a big score, a huge haul of gold, said to be from the fabled fortune of Mansa Musa himself, the richest man who ever lived.
And it’s out there in the desert, just waiting for you to come and get it.


The Dragon of Copper Mountain

Tim Crow

Brave Heroes Needed! Gold and Glory await! The posters were fresh, as was the plume of smoke that rose from the nearby mountain. The miners digging deep along the veins of copper had reached their lowest levels yet, disturbing a great sleeping dragon deep in the mount. They had all fled, and now, a few days march away by the river road lies the town of Stromburg. The dragon has been seen flying high overhead, and the townfolk are nervous and gossip is spreading. The Baron needs people to go talk to the dragon, find out what it wants, and resolve this all, one way or another.

Not just ordinary people, but people with skills and power! With drive and determination. Heroes! You?

Are you a Fighter, striding into battle with your ancestral weapon? A Rogue, skulking to get to places where others cannot, master of traps and shadow? Or maybe a Wizard, learned master of the arcane? Or another individual of great deeds to come?

This is going to be a classical high fantasy Dungeon World game. Dungeon World is a rules lite take on the Dungeons and Dragons style of game, powerful heroes overcoming fantastical obstacles. There's no rules knowledge needed, and the themes are all the good bits of pulp fantasy.

Pregenerated characters will be provided, just write in your name, assign some looks, and we can leap right in. All you'll need is two six sided dice, a pencil and some scrap paper.

Oh, and a Taste of Adventure, to seek The Dragon of Copper Mountain!

Dungeon World
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