Kapcon 2019

Of Leaves and Stewed Hobbit

Luke Walker

The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can.

The company search for the Easterly Inn, a piece of the Shire in the land of the Beornings, only to find that the Wild is still the Wild and it takes more than Hobbit cooking to keep adventures at bay. In no time, the companions become involved in the search for a missing trade caravan. Their quest will put them on the road to the High Pass, and see them go over hills and under hills.

This is a scenario set in JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth in the time after the Battle of Five Armies. It uses the D&D5e system as presented in Cubicle 7's Adventures in Middle-Earth. It is suitable for all ages and experience. It is a simple tale in the vein of The Hobbit and will appeal to fans of Tolkien, as well as fans of fantasy RPGs both old and new.

D&D 5e - Adventures in Middle Earth

Wicked Lies & Alibis

Alasdair Sinclair

You are the Prime Suspect in a Murder Investigation

The world is changing; a great economic depression wipes out the life savings of rich and poor alike.

But the party goes on for the wealthy and well-heeled, determined to ignore the impending financial crisis and dance long into the night.

Now a brutal murder threatens to shatter this world of privilege, influence and power. One of your own is dead and a Great Detective has been summoned to solve the case.

Yes you had a motive, and perhaps even the means and opportunity to commit the murder, but you're certainly not the only one...

Clear your name and uncover the real killer, before it's too late!

Wicked Lies & Alibis is a whodunnit roleplaying experience set in the age of Art Deco. Players generate characters at the table from a selection of cards, and play through several establishing scenes in the lead-up to a murder. The remainder of the game is resolved through accusations, alibis and flashbacks as the characters seek to avoid suspicion by incriminating one another.

Wicked Lies & Alibis

DELTA GREEN: The Last Equation


Media report, WDEL-FM:
"We have further news on this afternoon's mass-shooting in Alliance, New Jersey. Police have confirmed eight victims so far, all from the same family, but are still searching the house where the incident took place. The shooter, who killed himself after chasing the final victim into the middle of Highway 6, has now been identified as Michael Wei, a mathematics student at Colombia University. Sources inside the investigation have not identified any connection to the victims so far, or any motive for the crime. State troopers have not so far identified the numbers Wei spraypainted in the middle of the highway, but they seem to be the only clue to his violent rampage. In Washington, Republican Senators have said that their thoughts and prayers are with the relatives of the victims. We will have further updates on this tragic situation as they come in..."

Eight slaughtered innocents, a dead mathematician, and a spray-painted number. No clues, no leads, no motive. As usual, that’s where DELTA GREEN comes in...

DELTA GREEN is an illegal conspiracy within the US government. Its purpose is to protect the United States from preternatural threats. When they detect one, they have three tasks: find it. Kill it. And cover it up.


Oakwood Heights

Luke Walker

It is a cold grey winter’s day in Detroit, as members of the public prosecutor’s office and police force shepherd the accused Franklin Mills around his crime scenes throughout the city. The objective is to attain clarity of what happened on that fateful day back in August, the motive behind the cruel murders, whether Franklin Mills really lost his memory, and what happened to the missing boy.

This is a horror scenario containing dark and mature concepts, including murder, abuse and suicide. Though the X-Card will be in use, it is not appropriate for players of a young age and those who are sensitive to such matters. The scenario uses a Powered by the Apocalypse system, which has been altered to shift the narrative toward the GM and reinforce the horror themes.

Kult Divinity Lost

Uncharted Worlds


"Uncharted Worlds" is a Space Opera roleplaying game of exploration and debt, powered by the Apocalypse. Players will select and customise their characters, including their relationship to the galaxy's key factions, before being dropped into an unpleasant situation which can only get worse. How they dig themselves out is up to them.

Uncharted Worlds

E1 - The Shrouded Moon of Tagata-V

Luke Walker

The moon of Tagata-V is shrouded by its many rings - rings that stories say are haunted. The first attempt to colonise the moon failed before it landed. The crew and passengers aboard the colony ship, Khonsu, simply vanished. The derelict now floats amid the rings like a tomb.

The second attempt successfully established the mining outpost of Izu. But the miners have been plagued by sinister events and a growing sense of dread. As vital supplies and travellers disappear without a trace, the situation has become critical. With the Stellar Amalgamate failing to respond to calls for aid, the colonists now seek salvation from those brave (or desperate) few who are prepared to risk death for reward and reputation.

This scenario is inspired by introductory adventures for D&D, though it is set in the space opera universe of Esper Genesis. It is suitable for all ages and experience. It uses the D&D5e rule set, though no prior experience with that system is required. There may also be a light use of miniatures and maps.

D&D 5e - Esper Genesis

Games on Demand

Lots of people!

Once again, we'll be running Games on Demand at Kapcon 2020! We'll have lots of fun, easy to play games as usual.

Call for Volunteers

Games on Demand urgently needs more facilitators! Can you help?

Necessary qualifications are:
- You would like to run some games.

Low-preparation games are obviously stars here, but games/adventures with prep done in advance are great too (as long as it can be played on demand!) You also get to claim the GM's reduced entry fee and preferential game picks.

Have a think about if you’d like to take part, and let me know (email to mike@genericgames.co.nz).


Here's a list of games that are being considered this year:
* 3:16 Carnage Amongst The Stars (and 316 AD)
* Another Day to Love
* Armour Astir
* Band of Blades
* Cat
* Devil & the Deep (playtest)
* Dinosaur Princesses (and Dinosaur Princesses 3030: Dino & Chrome)
* Dragon Warriors
* Goblinville
* Heavy Metal Æons (playtest)
* Impulse Drive
* Index Card RPG
* Miseries & Misfortunes
* Monster of the Week
* The Natural Philosophers (playtest)
* Questlandia
* The Regiment
* The Sprawl
* Tales from the Loop/Things from the Flood
* Zombie World

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