Pathfinder: Shadow of Heresy


In the homebrew setting of Volentia, play as one of five 14th level characters contracted by the Church to find the location of a rumored gathering of heretics dubbed the Shadow Conclave. This gathering, should it succeed as planned, would unite the various heretical sects and pose a threat large enough to shake the foundations of the Empire. The adventure mixes roleplay with combat as players attempt to hunt down and exterminate the Conclave as either an emotionally scarred Paladin who has come to question whether his slaughtering of heretics is ethical, a zealous Inquisitor who enjoys his work perhaps a little too much, a noble-born Curatrix who struggles to keep the vows of her order of restrained monk-women, an elven Ranger who constantly battles against the prejudice humans have of other races while trying to hide his hate of them, and an acclaimed Wizard who despite her achievements still has not garnered the respect she desires because she is a woman. Will the Church's champions succeed in rescuing the Empire from perhaps the most dangerous threat it has ever faced? Or will their personal struggles inhibit their ability to complete the task set before them? Will they rise triumphant over the challenges they are to face? Or will they be cut down and forgotten to leave the Empire roiling in turmoil?


Project Sparrow

Jacqueline Brasfield

As an expert in your field it's not uncommon for you to be approached by organisations who want your assistance. So when a representative of "DeNeCo" got in touch you were quite happy to consider their proposal. The initial brief was vague (the accompanying confidentiality agreement was much more robust) but they paid well. Very well. After doing some research on DeNeCo you decided to accept the offer.

For the past 2 years you've visited the facilities once every 6 months with a group of other experts who have a wide variety of skills. The work is engaging and challenging and is similar in many respects to other projects you've been a part of - with two major exceptions: You don't know what you're actually helping develop, and you're always brought to the facility wearing a blindfold.

Note: This game may not be suitable for players with claustrophobia or who otherwise might not be comfortable being blindfolded for a long period of time. Players will likely be leaving the building for all or a portion of the round. Pre-registration essential as character bios will be mailed out in advance of the game. Any costuming required (minimal) will be provided at start of game.

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