KapCon ludos desideramus

Or, in English, "KapCon needs more games". We've worked up the preliminary timetable, and as you can see, there are some big gaps. Last year we ran 19 games a round, with a half-size round 6, so that leaves us needing two more in round one, one in round two, and 22 across the rest of the convention. Plus we need another three or so games for the non-larpers in round 3.5. In addition, we need "surge protection" games, in case we have more people than expected - one or two each round.

So, if you GM, or want to start, now is the time to fill out the form and offer to run a game.

No, it doesn't have to be original. I'm running a game out of a book, others are too, and there's nothing wrong with that. Others are running repeats of games they have run at other cons or in previous years. If you're stuck for ideas, there's a request list here (NOTE: we still have no-one running "The One Ring". In Hobbit season, we can surely do better than that), and there are old SDC scenarios here.

As for why: GM picks. If you run a game, you get priority entry in another session. GMs can jump the queue and pre-book their entire con if they run enough games. So if there's something you're really desperate to play, the answer is to run something else to get into it.