Cast List



The Smiling Man (Media Producer, Advisor, GM) Grant Robinson

Max Romero, "Mr Charisma" (Leader) CAST
Sandra Romero (Wife of Max Romero)
Jane Romero (Daughter of Max Romero) CAST

Steve “The Cleaner” Harvey (2nd in charge) CAST
Sam Lee (Beautician, Seductress)
Paul "Running" Walters (Drugs)

Timmy “Two Fingers” Cartel (NeoMafia Accountant)
Rh0nd1a (Online Casinos)

Donnie "Buzz" Scuro (Uber-Hacker)
Sam Black (Hacker, Online Protection Rackets) CAST
Minos “Fish” Fitzferal (Online Botnet Crime)
Twitch (Electronic Narcotics) CAST

Jenni Chrome, The Iron Lady (Enforcement) CAST
Jimmy The Arm (Cyber Surgeon)
Charlie Dread (Enforcer)

Irish Mob

Bartholomew Bradley, The Galway Gunman (Advisor, Priest,Former Hitman, GM) Aaron Orr

“Mister” Michael Kyne (Leader) CAST
Laura Kyne, The Bloody Banshee (Michael Kyne's Mother) CAST
Sean Daily (2nd in command)

Myra O'Keen, The Goddess (Lieutenant, Prostitution)
Rex Luger (Myra O'Keen's Husband)
Fiona "Sirine" Kyne (Soldier, Socialite) CAST
Conway "The Meat" Roe (Soldier, Hooker Enforcement)

Gabby “Archangel” McTavish (Lieutenant, Crime in general)
Tabitha "Teeth" Shire: (Soldier, Enforcement) CAST
Jimmy “The Bastard” Hanlon (Soldier, Violent Crime) CAST

Paul O'Feil, The Nutcracker (Lieutenant, Leg Breaker)
"Goldmine" Abel O'Feil (Soldier, Non-Violent Crime) CAST

Marleen Kilkenny (Lieutenant, Accountant)
"Thick" Codi McDern (Soldier, Whisky Smuggling) CAST
Gary 'Drugbust' Hennessy (Soldier, Drugs)

Malandrino Mafia Family

Klaus Dhomochevsky, Uncle Klaus (Advisor, Ex Russian Mob, GM) Bryan Pow
Maria Malandrino, Mother Malandrino (Leader) CAST
Stewart Malandrino (Husband to Maria Malandrino)

The Carmine Crew
Carmine "King Maker" Giuseppe (2nd In Charge, White Collar Crime) CAST
Terry "Teflon" Bendino (Soldier, Lawyer)
Maurice "Moon Base" Meloncamp (Soldier, Property Crime)
Maximus Steel (Associate, Corporate Liason)

The Butcher Crew
"Bloody" Beatrice Bigio (Lieutenant, Gambling, Murder) CAST
Robert Gambino, Bobby the Book (Soldier, Loan Sharking)
"Fancy" Louise Grissetti (Soldier, Prostitution)
Nikolai Dhomochevsky, Cousin Nicky (Associate, Enforcer)

The Malandrino Misfits
Vincent Malandrino, Baby Boy Vincent (Lieutenant, Son of Leader, Drugs, Smuggling) CAST
Luciana Malta, Little Lucy (Soldier) CAST
Nicky "Nine Lives" Salemme (Soldier, Computer Crime) CAST
Banchiko Kobayashi, Babs the Builder (Associate, Ex Japanese Mob, Enforcer) CAST

The Mommas Boys Crew
Thomas Malandrino, Tommy Two Guns (Lieutenant)
Perry "Lost and Found" Gerelli (Soldier, Theft)
Sully "The Schmuck" Cerrino (Soldier, Protection Rackets, Enforcement)

The Non Affiliated

Father John Santiago (Head Priest)
Chet Washington (Comissione Investigator) CAST
Lauretta D'Orazio (Widow of Big Tony Dorazio) CAST
Charlotte Kain, The Wraith (Freelance Trouble Shooter) CAST
Remi Le Beau, Gamble (Freelance Trouble Shooter) CAST
Steve Rogers (Freelance Trouble Shooter) CAST
Joshua Coombs, (Freelance Trouble Shooter)
Detective Harold Sporco (Senior Dectective, Bent Cop) CAST
Detective Shannon Maltean (Detective, Sporco's Partner, Bent Cop)
Wade Wilson (Professional Hitman) CAST
Richard Nakashima (Japanese Businessman, Kobayashi Envirotech)
Chandra (Hacker)
Otto Sargon (Cyber Surgeon, Clinic is in the Church)
Dwayne Herbest (Priest's Assistant) CAST
Jenny the Snitch (Information Dealer) CAST