"Welcome to the City of Tomorrow.
Welcome, to NeoSteelsburg."

Since its rebirth, the city now known as NeoSteelsburg has become one of the great cities of our time. Riding the cutting edge of the technology revolution, NeoSteelsburg has become a symbol of what a modern city should be. Thanks largely to the benevolent nature of its corporate investors, the city has grown to be the largest in the Upper South East, held aloft by the billions of dollars from foreign investors and on the backs of millions of American citizens . Backed by such Megacorporate giants as Kobayashi Envirotech, protected by the ever vigilant Safegard Security and powered by the trail-blazing Lockheed Futuristics, Neosteelsburg is a shining star that shows no signs of dimming.

A Brief History

The Original town of Steelsburg was founded in the early 19th century by Sebastian Steel. Steel was a prominent business man and the first Mayor of the town. His descendants live in the area to this day and still hold many valuable pieces of real-estate. The city survived as an overlooked part of the American continent until corporate hands reshaped it to its present form. This change in the city was orchestrated by Kobayashi Envirotech a company that has perfected the procedure for the accelerated growth of genetically engineered pine. Kobayashi Envirotech decided on the region around Neosteelsburg to be the site for its most audacious environmental engineering project yet, the Kobayashi Envirotech Hyper-Forestry Project. In order to move the massive number of engineered pines down to the docks and processing area the company redirected the Steel River to a more convenient location. Due to this the entire center of the city was relocated along with half the its population. This left the old center of town or Old Steel as it is called by the locals, to fall into disarray. But this allowed the now dubbed NeoSteelsburg into grow to the city it is today.

Lay of the Land

NeoSteelsburg lies astride the Steel River, a massive concrete and steel wonder of engineering, as it enters the placid waters of Lake Bellmenton. To the south of the river is the blue collar area that holds the majority of the cities industrial might its hard working folk. Here lie the docks, processing plants and supply centers that are the lifeblood of the city. It is here that the tons of wood that float downstream on the Steel River come to rest. If the south is the heart and blood of the city, then the north is it's mind and soul. Here the majestic towers of Kobayashi Envirotech, SafeGard Security and countless others, stand as stalwart sentinels to the American way of life. Here decisions that affect every facet of NeoSteelsburg life are made. From the sparkling recycled water of the Marina to the mansions atop the lush green Aurora Heights, the north of NeoSteelsburg is truly a wonder to behold.

Power to the People

A shining city like NeoSteelsburg needs alot of power to brighten its many lights. This power is provided by the kind people from Lockheed Futuristics. With their ground breaking advances in orbital solar collection and energy transferance, coupled with NeoSteelsburgs own Lockheed Island Relay Station, they ensure that the lights never dim. Of course in a growing city like NeoSteelsburg one must always look to the future, and so Alamos Aromics in partnership with Kobayashi Envirotech have almost completed the building of the NeoSteelsburg Fusion Plant, with enough capacity to power the entire region.

The Dark Side of Success

With great success comes great envy, and the same is true with NeoSteelsburg. Although the presence of organized crime has long plagued NeoSteelsburg, SafeGard Security keeps their activities in check. Rumors abound that recent violence in NeoSteelsburg was due to conflict among the groups that run the seedy underbelly of the city in what has been romanticized as a "mob war". SafeGard spokespeople give us assurance any such events are simply the result of an imaginative media coverage. They say that any news scanners who are taken in by stories of the Irish Mob's control of the south or Malandrino Mafia Family control of the north, should instead look to SafeGard's much more reliable statistics on the minuscule amount of crime in NeoSteelsburg. Any comments made about the rise in technology related crime and the emergence of a NeoMafia are simply ignored as laughable.