Costuming Ideas


We know that some people enjoy LARP's for the opportunity they provide to create elaborate costumes, while others would prefer to be able to turn up and play the game. To make the game accessable to everyone we have left the level of costuming up to the player.

If you are stuck for costuming ideas, then a theme we have found useful is "Old is the new new"; take old fashions such as a victorian dress or a pair of 1970's flares and give it a futuistic twist.

Also in the Mafia 2071 cyberpunk setting there is an array of biological and mechanical implants readily available; cats ears, textured and colured hair / skin / eyes, external and implanted circuitry and even cyberneitc limbs.

In the end anything goes as long as you feel it fits the character you are playing.

A link to a photo of one of the GM characters, Father Bartholomew Bradley, Consiglierie of the Irish Mob is below. This is a more complicated costume but we hope it provides inspiration for those interested in creating something unique.